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Missed instalment #1? Read it here.

After Thursday’s swim things quietened down a bit as family stuff kicked in at the weekend. Having said that, on Sunday I managed a 5k run in Black Park!

Monday 30th June

Swim night. Feeling tired and am having to drag myself to the Ski Club in Denham. Any thoughts of going the distance were out of the question, my swim tonight is all over the place. I cross lanes colliding into oncoming swimmers on numerous occasions. Everyone was very polite and courteous although I had clearly knocked them out of sync. All except Gary Grumps from Grumpsville in Grumpland who barked “watch where you are going, keep in lane!”  I suppose it is just as well everyone in a swim suit looks the same in the water and you cannot recognise who is who – saves some embarrassment! I will put tonight’s training behind me though and look to Wednesday night – onwards and upwards.

Wednesday 2nd JulySteve-Black-Park-5km-300x251

Malcy, Toby and I are on our bikes riding around Dorney Lake on a wonderful summer evening. I am putting my new bike through its paces and am thinking ‘Finny at last has bought something that actually works’!

We do 20k, park up our bikes and with frozen and aching buttocks head straight off for a 5k run. About 0.02k in Malcy and I stop jogging due to our legs seizing up so it was stop / start for the rest of the 5k. This Brick training is quite hard but it must be a priority if we are to compete this Triathlon. With the swimming almost licked it is going to be a case of biking and running for the foreseeable future that will be the main focus of our training.

Am going to give tonight’s swim a miss as I have niggled a shoulder muscle. Not getting any younger you know!