It is always immensely satisfying for Blue Sky to receive positive feedback about the hard work that our employees carry out. Today we received a letter about Sharon and Graeme who are employed by Blue Sky on our contract with Hillingdon Borough Council carrying out bulky waste collection.


Dear Blue Sky

I would like to bring to your attention the outstanding work being undertaken by two of your staff, Sharon and Graeme. For a number of years we have suffered with an ongoing fly tipping and rubbish problem. Sharon and Graeme however have provided us with an outstanding service, clearing the substantial rubbish on a regular basis and keeping our area clean and hazard free. This is giving the residents a renewed sense of pride in our community which we are slowly building on. We would like you to relay our sincere appreciation and gratitude to them for all they do for us.

P. Grittini, Heritage and Barchester Close Residents Association