October 2014

Annie’s blog – life 9 months after release

By | 3rd October, 2014|Blog, Annie's blog, News|

In my opinion, prison promotes some weird (and a little bit anti-social) behaviour! What habits do I still have from doing my 'bird'?: I still fall asleep ridiculously early, particularly if all the lights are out. I still become tense when I hear keys jangling or people whistle near me. I still change the bed every [...]

April 2014

March 2014

Annie’s blog – getting a job despite the record

By | 31st March, 2014|Blog, Annie's blog, News|

I started a job last week (eeekk! I know) but they're not as welcoming or kind as you guys of course! I'm an e-business Customer Service Officer - I handle social media and field calls about workshops and grants. It's a brand new role so everyone has been finding their feet but I just thought [...]

February 2014