December 2014

Carwyn’s blog – A sewing machine for Christmas…

By | 1st December, 2014|Blog, Carwyn's blog, Blue Sky Inside, News|

Last week I had the pleasure of welcoming Will Prochaska, Ben Houghton, Gail Jones and Philippa Harrison from RAPt (Blue Sky’s merger partner) to our Stitch in Time textiles workshop at HMP/YOI Bronzefield. As workshop manager Allison Enenche showed our guests what Stitch in Time produces (from bags for Anya Hindmarch to haute couture garments – [...]

October 2014

Carwyn’s blog – ‘A good sweat’

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Last week we were delighted to welcome Cristina Fernandez and Julie Muir from the Recovery Support Team of prison drug and alcohol charity RAPt, our new merger partners. It was the first of many encounters between the organisations over the coming months as we learn more about each other’s services, and explore exciting new possibilities [...]

March 2015

Carwyn’s Blog – The stuff of dreams at ‘Stitch in Time’

By | 19th March, 2015|Blog, Carwyn's blog, Blue Sky Inside, News|

“We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams” Willy Wonka played by Gene Wilder in 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory' (1971) I catch up with Maureen, one of Blue Sky Inside’s employees at the Stitch in Time textiles workshop at HMP Bronzefield, a few days before she’s due to be released. I [...]

June 2014

Carwyn’s blog – Hearts from offcuts

By | 16th June, 2014|Blog, Carwyn's blog, Blue Sky Inside, News|

I return to HMP & YOI Bronzefield, a women’s high-security prison in Surrey, to catch up with 'Stitch in Time', Blue Sky Inside’s textiles workshop that produces fashion items and luxury goods for leading brands together with haute couture garments for fashion shows. It’s a pleasure to be back having first visited the workshop earlier [...]

September 2014

Carwyn’s blog- “Heroes”

By | 15th September, 2014|Blog, Carwyn's blog, Triathlon, News|

“A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with their freedom”  - Bob Dylan August was a month of heroic achievement for Blue Sky – not only did we hit the heady heights of having over 100 ex-offenders on our payroll for the first time ever, but we also took part in the [...]

Carwyn’s blog – Closing the loop on re-offending

By | 8th September, 2014|Blog, Carwyn's blog, News|

Blue Sky is growing, winning an increasing number of commercial contracts to create jobs for ex-offenders. Since 2005 we have now employed over 940 ex-offenders, and currently have over 100 on our payroll. Building on our mainstay work over the years in grounds maintenance, Blue Sky has diversified in recent times to create employment opportunities [...]

June 2015

Carwyn’s blog: The puzzles of life at HMP High Down

By | 3rd June, 2015|Blog, Carwyn's blog, Blue Sky Inside, News|

Our new MD Kate Markey and I visit Blue Sky Inside's workshop at HMP High Down. The workshop employs prisoners to make wooden puzzle games called ‘Bridget’ for Et Games. We also run a small textiles workshop at the prison making canvas bags in which the games are sold. In the prison visitors’ waiting room, [...]

May 2014

Carwyn’s blog – ‘Ray from Chatham’

By | 8th May, 2014|Blog, Carwyn's blog, News|

A visit to meet Ray Taylor, Blue Sky supervisor and ‘Project Victor’ recruit (pictured alongside), a special initiative to employ and support ex-service personnel who are ex-offenders. Ray works in Chatham, Kent, delivering a contract for Medway Norse to maintain council grounds at historic Gun Wharf among other sites. I feel I already know Ray, [...]

January 2014

Carwyn’s blog – The meaning of life at Blue Sky

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When Sigmund Freud was asked for the meaning of life, he said “Work and love, that’s all there is…” I recently joined Blue Sky as Head of Fundraising. Blue Sky exists to give ex-offenders the opportunity of having a proper paid job, helping  them to break the cycle of re-offending. The organisation has a fantastic [...]

February 2014

Carwyn’s blog – Of angels and pins

By | 6th February, 2014|Blog, Carwyn's blog, News|

“How many angels can dance on a pin head?” St Thomas Aquinas Blue Sky Inside’s Stitch in Time workshop is based in a women’s high security prison and produces high-value fashion items for prestigious brands. I went to see the workshop in action and to speak to some of the women who work there. The [...]