March 2013

Mick’s Blog – Chris Graying MP visits Blue Sky’s VICTOR team

By | 21st March, 2013|Blog, Mick's blog, News|

Chris Grayling MP with Jonjo (a former Victor employee of Blue Sky) Earlier this month we had the pleasure of hosting a visit by Chris Grayling to our “Victor” team in Chatham, in conjunction with our partners in this initiative, Royal British Legion Industries and Medway Council, without whom… It has long been a conviction [...]

February 2013

Mick’s Blog – The Rehabilitation Revolution

By | 27th February, 2013|Blog, Mick's blog, News|

The more avid viewers of the BBC News Channel may have spotted me being interviewed by Huw Edwards along with my friend and colleague Steve Finn. Those who know me well will know that I’m actually quite reserved, so the prospect of appearing live on a national broadcaster was completely nerve wracking. It all passed [...]

January 2013

Mick’s Blog – A Student Again…

By | 29th January, 2013|Blog, Mick's blog, News|

“Plans are nothing, planning is everything” As Ike Eisenhower remarked. And let’s be honest he knew a thing or two about it. This is the time of year when we have always done our business planning. This year it has taken on a whole new aspect for me as a result of Goldman Sachs’s 10,000 [...]

Mick’s Blog – Private sector supply chains

By | 11th January, 2013|Blog, Mick's blog, News|

The New Year should begin with happiness and hope. Being a soul who believes that any glass I see is half full, if not on occasion brimming over, it will be easy to comply. Quoting the one and only Ian Dury, therefore, there are reasons to be cheerful, part one, two and three. This may [...]

December 2012

Mick’s Blog – our Work Programme performance

By | 12th December, 2012|Blog, Mick's blog, News|

The Christmas period is traditionally one of good tidings. It would be churlish of me to buck this trend, therefore, and I have no intention of doing so. Two reasons. We have recently released only the second version of our website in 7 years. Blue Sky is an organisation which prides itself on practicality and [...]

January 2014

Mick’s blog – I’m back, bring on 2014

By | 30th January, 2014|Blog, Mick's blog, News|

Whoever thought that returning to work in the New Year would be something that I would look forward to so fervently? However, 13th January 2014 has been a date in my diary for months now. First, it would mean that the medical treatments of 2013 would be in the past tense, and secondly it marked [...]