July 2014

Finny’s triathlon blog #2

By | 3rd July, 2014|Blog, Triathlon, Steve's blog, News|

Missed instalment #1? Read it here. After Thursday's swim things quietened down a bit as family stuff kicked in at the weekend. Having said that, on Sunday I managed a 5k run in Black Park! Monday 30th June Swim night. Feeling tired and am having to drag myself to the Ski Club in Denham. Any thoughts [...]

June 2014

Finny’s triathlon blog

By | 23rd June, 2014|Blog, Triathlon, Steve's blog, News|

Steve Finn  is representing Team Blue Sky at the London Virgin Active Triathlon in August, along with Malcolm Reilly, John Leach and Dave Golding. Here Steve blogs about his training schedule... Thursday 5th June Malcolm and I set off to get fitted up for our Tri Wet Suits. We go to Bourne End and meet Alan [...]

August 2014

Success at the London Triathlon

By | 5th August, 2014|Blog, Triathlon, News|

Huge congratulations to John, Dave, Steve and Malcolm (along with Steve's mate and honorary Blue Sky employee Toby) who completed the London Triathlon on Sunday 7 months after Steve signed everyone up saying that "it would be a bit of fun". It is fair to say that the office thought that TEAM BLUE SKY were 'all the [...]

September 2014

Carwyn’s blog- “Heroes”

By | 15th September, 2014|Blog, Carwyn's blog, Triathlon, News|

“A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with their freedom”  - Bob Dylan August was a month of heroic achievement for Blue Sky – not only did we hit the heady heights of having over 100 ex-offenders on our payroll for the first time ever, but we also took part in the [...]

June 2014