Blue Sky is proud of our long-standing parnterhsip with Amey, which was recently acknowledged by shortlist nominations for two national awards: the National CSR Awards for ‘Partnership in the Community’, and the Better Society Award for ‘Innovation’. By working through Blue Sky Agency to place ex-offenders into a range of jobs within their environmental services contracts, Amey has created employment opportunities for over 350 people who would otherwise struggle to find work due to their criminal record. These jobs provide the foundation for transformational change in people’s lives.

Amey has recently signed up to the Buy Social Corporate Challenge and in a ‘thought leadership piece’ Chief Procurement Officer, John Cully, calls on other companies to sign up, creating significant social impact by working with social enterprises within their supply chains:

“Much like traditional businesses, social enterprises provide services or products with the aim of making a profit. However, the difference is that their core purpose, including any profit made is directed towards delivering a societal benefit – often offering work to people marginalised from the workforce.

Amey has worked with a number of social enterprises for several years. One longstanding partnership is with Blue Sky, an organisation that supports ex-offenders back into work, with the aim of breaking the cycle of re-offending and challenging perceptions about people who have criminal convictions. “

Read the full piece here.